Making Waves Today was started as my capstone project for the UC Climate Stewards program and then extended for my capstone project for the UC California Naturalist program. I picked the title of this website Making Waves Today, because we need to stir something up, we need to be active and demand that attention is given to climate actions now.

As a lifelong traveler and explorer of new (to me) places, I’ve started to become aware of changes that are observable due to climate change. And then I faced a dilemma, knowing that my travels carried a carbon footprint and was contributing to carbon emissions and ultimately climate change. So what was I to do? Stop traveling and exploring?

I decided to do research, understanding that if I were to stop traveling today, it wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t help climate change. I found that broader more global changes are needed and I identified 3 areas where I could make changes and get involved:

Individual – There are simple practices that I observe in my daily life: conserve water, eat more plant-based, stop using single-use plastic, and shop local (to name just a few).

Community – I got involved in conservancy (and activism) in my local community and found that actively participating in local restoration and conservancy efforts brings me lots of joy. I also volunteer for education programs with the Joshua Tree National Park Association.

National/Global – Affecting legislation change is the biggest game-changer for climate change. Writing emails to my representatives urging them to make climate change a priority is now a daily task.

My point here is, each of us can do something to support climate change action. I’d love for all of us to keep enjoying our outdoors and nature and help protect it at the same time. Share what you learn about areas you visited. You’ll be surprised how many people will thank you for sharing it with them. And that’s how we will be making waves!

Enjoy our nature & help protect it.



Certified UC California Naturalist

Certified UC Climate Steward