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California’s Ambitious Conservation Landscape: Addressing Climate Crisis and Biodiversity Loss Through Bold Proposals

California boasts stunning and ecologically diverse landscapes, including mountains, foothills, coastline, and desert, attracting millions of visitors to numerous national parks and monuments. However, the pressing issues of climate change and biodiversity loss demand more comprehensive conservation efforts. State legislators have recently committed to conserving 30% of California’s land and coastal waters by 2030. This poses a challenge as nearly half of the state’s land is federally owned, necessitating collaborative strategies to achieve ambitious conservation goals.

Two significant conservation proposals are underway in Southern California. The first involves establishing Chuckwalla National Monument, covering 660,000 acres adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park, primarily south of Interstate 10 and extending from the Coachella Valley to the Colorado River. The second proposal aims to expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by 109,000 acres in the southwestern mountains and foothills of the Angeles National Forest, rectifying areas omitted during its 2014 designation by President Obama.

In Northern California, the conservation initiatives include adding 13,753 acres to Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to safeguard Molok Luyuk, or Condor Ridge. Additionally, there is a proposal to create the 200,000-acre Medicine Lake Highlands National Monument near Mt. Shasta. These efforts underscore a comprehensive approach to preserving the state’s diverse landscapes and addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

The Chuckwalla National Monument proposal aims to designate 660,000 acres in the California Desert, prioritizing equitable community access and biodiversity preservation amidst climate change challenges. The plan includes safeguarding 17,000 acres near Joshua Tree National Park, vital for desert bighorn sheep migration. The National Park Service endorses this expansion, highlighting its importance for landscape conservation. The ultimate goal is securing President Biden’s Antiquities Act designation, allowing unified National Park Service management, enhancing ecological resilience, and offering varied recreational opportunities.

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