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Exploring balance in life

Last week I attended a womens’ networking lunch discussing the topic of work/life balance and how to juggle all the balls in the air. I find this topic fascinating and disappointing at the same time. [...]

“Oh no, there is no possible way I can do this!”

How often do you start dreaming and then suddenly say: “Oh no, there is no possible way I can do this!” Who says what you can and what you can’t do? It’s YOU! Yes, YOU! [...]

Procrastination? Oh, I’ll deal with it later

A long weekend is ahead of us and all these ideas on what you could be doing with your time are floating through your head. But you all know how it is: everything else seems [...]

My story: Making waves. Always.

At age 18 I had the desire to live in a different country before I start with college. So I did. A few years later I wanted to move abroad again. So I did. Then again after I graduated from college I decided that I really wanted to live outside my home country permanently. So I did. Then one day I had the urge to move to yet another country. So I did.

As a young person in my twenties I didn’t think of any of this being unattainable. I was determined to follow what I wanted to do, with some stubbornness and persistence I got to the places that I felt were right for me. With hindsight I’d say I had a lot of courage to follow my dreams, keep at it with each setback (and there were quite a few) and persevere sometimes against all odds.

Today, I call this GRIT.

COURAGE, strength of character, bravery, spirit, strength of will, moral fiber, steel, nerve, fortitude, toughness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance

As adults we get lost in our family commitments, our careers, paying rent or our mortgage and sometimes we just lose sight of our big dreams.

I want you (and me) to go and find your dreams again, find the courage to go after the things you are passionate about. You don’t have to quit your job or leave your families, but make time to create what’s important to you, go after it.

Go, make waves today!