Hello & Welcome

My name is Tatjana and I am a blogger, runner, hiker, yoga-practitioner, photographer, dreamer, world-traveler, lover of coffee and kale, social entrepreneur, digital marketing professional.

My goal is to make small changes in the world for the better.

Making Waves Today is my space to create a life I love, full of joy, meaning, and creativity. I hope sharing my journey inspires others to seek a life they love.

I have been blessed with opportunities to build a professional career around a travel and discovery lifestyle. The journey so far took me from Germany to London, Paris, Michigan, Texas, and now California. However, I don’t want to stop here. In 2014, I created my first online social entrepreneurial adventure, No Heels Just Sneakers Virtual Races, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I hoped to encourage others to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves by ditching the couch, eating healthy, and joining a running or walking challenge.

With Making Waves Today, I hope to encourage you to Find Your Grit, whatever it may look like: move up in your career, change your career, grow personally, create a new lifestyle.

Come and join me!

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