Desert Wildflowers: Whitedaisy Tidytips

image of Whitedaisy Tidytips
Whitedaisy Tidytips

Whitedaisy Tidytips, also known as White Layia

Layia glandulosa

Family: Asteraceae, commonly referred to as the aster, daisy, composite, or sunflower family

Fun Facts

The plant’s common name, Tidytips, refers to the fringed tips of its petals, which give the flowers a neat appearance.
The plant’s flowers are edible and can be added to salads or used as a garnish. They have a slightly sweet taste and a mild aroma.
Whitedaisy Tidytips is an important food source for various pollinators, including bees and butterflies.


Whitedaisy Tidytips is native to western North America south from central Washington (state) to Baja California and east to Utah and Arizona. Whitedaisy Tidytips is a common sight in meadows, open fields, and along roadsides. It is often found growing alongside other native wildflowers and grasses and provides important food and habitat for a variety of pollinators, including bees and butterflies. They can grow up to 8,000 feet in elevation.

Bloom Season


I have observed this wildflower in 2023 in the following Southern California desert areas:

Joshua Tree National Park, Cottonwood area (March 2023)


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