Desert Wildflowers: Hairy Desertsunflower

image of the flower of the hairy desert sunflower
Hairy Desertsunflower

Hairy Desertsunflower, also Desert Sunflower

Geraea canescens

Family: Asteraceae, commonly referred to as the aster, daisy, composite, or sunflower family

Fun Facts

Desert Sunflowers  are known for their ability to thrive in extreme desert environments, where they can endure high temperatures, low moisture, and poor soil conditions. Their roots can extend up to 10 feet deep into the ground in search of water. The Desert Sunflower is also a favorite of bees and other pollinators, making it an important plant for maintaining healthy ecosystems in arid regions.


The plant is native to western North America, specifically Arizona, Nevada, California, and Utah. It grows below sea level, from −40 to 1,130 m (−130 to 3,700 ft), in sandy desert soils. It is often found near creosote bushes (Larrea tridentata).

Bloom Season

February-May (after rainfall)

I have observed this wildflower in 2023 in the following Southern California desert areas:

Box Canyon Rd, Mecca, CA (March 2023)

Coachella Valley Preserve (March 2023)




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