MWT #2: How Technology is Not Always Our Friend

What I’ve been thinking about

Today I struggled. Massively! I’ve recently taken on another project that includes creating and managing social media posts. I thought it would be easy. Oh boy, was I wrong!

A seemingly simple task, scheduling a social media post on Instagram and Facebook, took over my day. And not in a good way. The post in question was a video post.  That’s where the struggle started.

The first problem occurred when a 60-second video for Instagram showed the following error message (I wish I was kidding!):

Error. Instagram only allows video posts of up to 60-second length. Your video is 60.0 seconds.

Seriously. No kidding!

OK, no point arguing with Instagram, so we cut out a few frames and made it 59.5 seconds. Fine. Instagram, you win!

Then came the real fun part. We tried to use Hootsuite to schedule the video post. Hootsuite claimed you can do so. Before you go and sign up, let me tell you: No. You can’t just schedule a video post via Hootsuite and have it show up on Instagram when you like to see it. As you try to schedule your video post, Hootsuite makes you download their app “to continue the post”. It doesn’t work! I downloaded the app, started the video post on the desktop version, was then told to go to the app to approve the post. Which. Makes. Absolutely. No. Sense.  Trying to follow the instructions, the app then gloriously failed posting the video.

This whole episode took me nearly 3 hours on and off. I know now I should have used the time to just find a way to get the video on my phone and just post from there manually. Which is what we ended up doing: posting manually from the phone.

It was painful. Frustrating. Annoying. Really made me hate the Hootsuite tool. It’s not just Hootsuite though. I use Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, sometimes my personal Instagram. I know they don’t allow video posting. Checking out Later I found they require a paid version to post videos, but I don’t even know if you really can schedule video posts there either.

Why was this riling me up so much? It’s not the first time (obviously) that technology is failing me. Isn’t technology supposed to be the big time saver, allowing us to spend more time with our family, friends, hobbies? I know I give technology too much power.  But I think we owe it to ourselves to be more critical with how we use technology. I know this is a simple example, and something that can probably easily be solved. But it happens again and again. We turn to technology and tools to give us that perceived extra time and freedom. Sometimes the simpler solution is to do things manually, by ourselves, use our hands (or thumbs).

When was the last time you got so annoyed with technology, you were ready to throw your phone or laptop against a wall (or out of the window)?

PS: I still use Hootsuite for Facebook posts and Instagram posts that don’t include a video. 

What I’ve been reading

Apparently, I am not the only one struggling with technology: Hackers can steal a TESLA Model S in seconds by cloning its key fob

one team of academic hackers has now found that Tesla left its Model S cars open to a far more straightforward form of hacking: stealthily cloning the car’s key fob in seconds, opening the car door, and driving away

What I can’t let go

Mars Rover takes selfie on Mars (obviously)

We did it! Even our inanimate robots want to be insta-famous!

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