Making Waves Today #1: The Inaugural Edition about Having It All

What I’ve been thinking about

Juggling it all, doing it all, having it all – it’s just not possibly. “It all” is not possible and I dare say not desirable. I wonder sometimes who came up with the concept of “having it all”. I also wonder why anyone would want “it all”. Don’t we have passions and responsibilities that allow us to chase after the things that really matter?

For the past few weeks I have been struggling to keep up with “it all”. I have taken on new and additional projects at work that are exciting, exhilarating even. A friend of mine is building up his startup and I graciously offered him my help. My hobbies and passions have suffered recently as I am too exhausted to do anything in the evenings and on weekends. Last week I had a panic attack and finally decided that enough is enough and I just can’t do “it all”. My physical and mental health is suffering. Is this really worth it?

Maybe we shouldn’t chase after “it all”, but rather after the few things that make us happy and keep us healthy?

What I’ve been reading

From the Harvard Business Review: You Know You Need More Sleep. Here’s How to Get It.

sleep deprivation leads to impulsiveness, disrupts decision making, and undermines creativity and innovation

What I can’t let go

Meditation app Headspace acquires A.I. company

It’s probably just me, but I think of meditation as a period of silence and listening. And not a moment of talking to your A.I. assistant. But I am sure it’s just me and others see the opportunity.

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