How do I write SEO-friendly Content?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the sum of actions that you take to rank your your site on a search engine.

Quality Content is the backbone of every successful website. Your site is more likely to rank high on Google and other search engines when it has quality content.

How do I write SEO-friendly Content?

1. Create unique content

Find topics where you can bring a unique experience. Maybe you tried something that worked or didn’t work. Write about your personal experience that no one else has. You need to bring something to the content table that is different from what other people have already written about.

2. Create useful content

Write about topics and experiences that people want to read. Provide learnings or recommendations that leave people with an “AHA” moment. The more useful and helpful your content is, the more it will be shared. Ensure to show related content to give people options to learn more.

3. Create shareable content

Continuing from above: write about topics that you have a unique perspective that people want to read and want their friends to read. This includes having a great headline. Ensure your headline is not mis-leading and delivers on its promise to the reader.

4. Create readable content

Structure your content so it’s easily readable. Have subheadings, show quotes where hey add value, use paragraphs. Use images that are complementary to your story.  Avoid typos and grammar mistakes.

SEO and Content are not 2 different things you must do for your website. They overlap significantly. As long as you focus on writing good content as outlined above, you will be halfway through your SEO activities. Good SEO (amongst others) requires your website to:

  • Have unique content
  • Answer people’s questions through useful content
  • Attract quality backlinks through sharable quality content
  • Provide more insights through quality internal and external links

When writing for your website, do you ask yourself: “How does this content help my reader?” If not, start now!