10 Fast Ways to get Content Ideas for your Blog

You know these moments when your head is still full of last nights’ binge watching of Stranger Things, but you really want to write a blog post today, but just don’t know what about…

You could just write about Stranger Things

I am just saying.

If that’s not your thing, let’s look at some places to go and search for content ideas.

10 fast ways to get content ideas for your blog

  1. Pinterest Trending – it usually shows something compelling like “unicorn birthday party” (truth!)
  2. Twitter Trends – #IAmShowingMyAge – Boom! Trending right now!
  3. Check out posts on Reddit with the most engagement.
  4. The ever popular “How to…” – Come up with a Google-trending one like “How to make slime”. I wish I would make these trending ones up.
  5. Lists. Of course. I am kind of over them, but even I think some of them are fun. Trending “Top 5 things you never knew existed”.
  6. Crowd-source content like “5 Travel Bloggers share their favorite travel destinations”.
  7. Round-up external content – share a number of blog posts that you found intriguing this week.
  8. Round-up internal content – put together a list of your own past blog posts that share the same category or topic.
  9. Interview friends, family, experts.
  10. Check your past comments and see if there are questions from your readers you could answer in a post.

What’s your favorite way to come up with a quick blog post idea?