Instagram now lets you know when your friends have last been online

Last time I wrote I poured my heart out on the latest Facebook algorithm update. This time it’s Instagram that’s annoying me.  Well, at least it stays in the family.

This may have totally passed you by. I nearly missed it. But Instagram has added a new (in my opinion a “stalkerish) feature.

In your direct messages you can now see when people you have interacted with have last been opening Instagram. So now you can yell at your friends: I know you have been in Instagram, why haven’t you liked my photo?? <insert angry face>

I really don’t know why Instagram needs this feature. I really don’t care when you last have been liking other people’s photos.

How to turn Instagram’s activity status off

If you don’t want to engage in stalkerish behavior, you can turn this feature off.

Here is how:
Go to your settings in Instagram. Scroll down to “Show Activity Status” and turn off.

Oh my, SnapChat is becoming more enticing with every Facebook and Instagram update.