2018 Personal Goals

I never quite liked the notion of making New Year’s Resolutions. Somehow I feel they are doomed to fail as so much pressure is put on these exact changes you are planning to make.

Reflecting on 2017

When reflecting on 2017, there are a few things that stick out to me. With our crazy political climate right now across the US and European countries, it was difficult for me to disconnect at times. I became a news junkie reading trusted news sources across the globe in an attempt to find sanity in this chaos.  This left me exhausted and stressed and at times I just wanted to curl up on my sofa and shut everything and everyone out.

Stress is probably my over-arching theme for 2017. A lot of it self-inflicted. And that’s probably why it’s so hard to disengage. I set high standards for myself and set myself under undue pressure a lot of times. Even though I am aware of it, I find it hard to get out of this cycle. That’s going to be my biggest challenge for 2018 – figuring out a way to get myself out of the stress-cycle and chill more. No one else is putting pressure on me, therefore I need to learn to let go of it.

Personal Goals for 2018

And yes, you could argue, what’s the difference between “goals” and “resolutions”, aren’t you just picky? For me it’s in the language: “goals” are something to work towards, not perfection but progress is my motto. “Resolutions” seem so – resolute. Definitive, single-minded with no room for failure and therefore a lot of stress. That’s why I prefer to set goals for myself – allowing progress and failure.

Disconnect more – My first goal will be to disconnect more from news, from social media, from devices craving constant attention. If you are trying to reach me, don’t expect me to look at my phone every minute for messages. Call me instead or plan in advance.

Connect more – I think we all need more in person connections. Social media and messages are all well and have their place, but let’s just talk to each other again in person. Let’s just meet for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a wander around the block. Let’s do fun things and make memories.

Go outside – I shifted my outdoor activities from running to hiking in 2017. And I love it. I have signed up to the 365-mile hiking challenge for 2018 and I am super excited to get started. There are so many awesome trails in Southern California and they all are waiting to be explored.

I’ll leave you with and wish you a Happy New Year!

What are your dreams for 2018? Go ahead and share in the comment section!