How to Write Effective Social Media Posts

Imagine you just wrote your best blog post ever. Or you just opened your online store.

You are ready to go and share your news with the world.

You open up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and… you are lost for words.

How do you write for Social Media?

Writing effectively for Social Media is an art form. It’s a skill that needs to be learned and constantly fine-tuned. Social Media platforms are changing all the time. New ones show up. Old ones change the rules (like Twitter extending their character count from 140 to 280).

There are differences whether you are writing for you personal account and you are just hanging online with your friends or whether you are writing for your business and want to grow your reader base and numbers of customers. Your personality and the personality of your company should shine through. The best way to do that is by being authentic to who you are.

Guidelines for writing compelling Social Media posts

1. Length of post

Length varies among the different platforms (see the infographic I have added at the end of this post). But in general, Social Media posts tend to be short. According to MarketingProfs, Google+ posts see best results with 65 characters and Pinterest with 241 characters.

2. Use images and emojis

Adding an image or a video to your post will significantly increase the engagement with your post. Furthermore, adding emojis sparingly to your caption or description can help break out the text and also increases engagement.

3. Hashtags

That’s simple: none on Facebook and Pinterest, 1 or 2 on Twitter and about 10-20 on Instagram (people fight over the best number of hashtags on Instagram). Hashtags should be relevant to your post and shouldn’t turn your post into an unreadable jungle of hashtags. Have fun with hashtags.

4. Be compelling

Don’t just write about yourself. Write about what a reader or potential customer wants to read more of. Share tips, ask questions, talk about trends or a local or national event. Make it interesting for the reader.

5. Be authentic

Don’t try to sell or constantly¬† push promotions in your Social Media posts. Nobody really wants to be sold to all the time. Use your voice and share your personal experience and your opinions. Share ideas. Don’t let your post be without personality. Be daring. Be courageous. Let your voice be heard.

6. Check your grammar

I know. You don’t want to hear this. But nothing kills a short Social Media post faster than bad grammar. You only have a few words. Check them and make them count!


I am looking forward to seeing your amazing Social Media posts!

Leave a comment if you have any additional tips!

As promised, here is the MarketingProfs infographic on best practices for Social Media posts: