Create better social media posts with these 9 FREE creative tools

A great visual enhances your content and increases engagement. A study showed that a Facebook post with an image generates 2.3x more engagement.

So, how do you create great visuals without breaking the bank?

Creating beautiful and useful images, graphs and infographics for your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. doesn’t have to be costly. It’s actually not that difficult. Let’s look at these 9 FREE creative tools and resources:

1. Unsplash – free high-resolution photos

Photos on Unsplash are created under the Creative Commons Zero and free to use, copy, modify, and distribute.

2. Canva – create beautiful designs

With Canva you can design graphics with millions of stock photos, and use different icons and shapes to create professional looking layouts.

3. Infogram – make infographics, charts, and interactive maps that people love

Infogram provides 1 million images and icons, 35+ charts, and 500+ maps.

4. Pictochart – yet another infographics and presentation maker

Create long form infographics and presentations that are professional with over 600 professionally designed templates.

5. PicMonkey – easy to use photo-editor

One of my favorite and easy-to-use photo editor – when Photoshop just takes too much effort. PicMonkey also allows you to make collages and create graphic design.

6. Logomakr – logo maker tool

Create your own logo at no cost. Just note that your logo is not considered an original as everyone using this tool has access to the same elements.

7. Easelly – more infographics

A fun and easy-to-use infographics maker with access to 100,000 images and infographics templates to use freely.

8. Recite – create visual quotes

Recite allows you to create images from your own quotes.

9. Kaboompics – free stock photography

Kaboompics provides free stock photos to use, edit, apply filters, and add text overlays to enhance your blog and social media posts.


Now that you know how to create great social media posts using these 9 free creative tools, hop over to my post on How the Instagram algorithm works to put your beautiful images, graphs and infographics to great use!


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  1. A suggestion to round out your list to 10!

    Stencil ( is an image creation tool for social media marketers, bloggers and small businesses. We’re built for speed, so anyone can create beautiful graphics easily and quickly. We even built a Chrome extension ( that lets users highlight text or right click an image on any site to instantly create a graphic and share it on social media.

    It’s free to try 🙂

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