5 Critical Paid Media Marketing Skills for Now and the Future

Whenever I talk to other hiring managers and recruitment specialists in the Paid Media Marketing field, I hear the same story:

We can’t find a talent with the right skill set

So what are today’s paid media professionals lacking? Well, it’s mostly data analysis skills.

1. Understanding attribution models

Marketers across all marketing disciplines need to understand attribution models and how they influence success metrics. As a paid media marketer, you should understand the difference between first click, last click, even, position based, time-decay, data-driven and other attribution models.

2. How to measure success

The amount of time I have seen marketing professionals run paid media campaigns and tests without understanding what the measurement of success is, is astonishing. Understand why you are running a paid media campaign or a test. What are you trying to prove or disprove? What is the potential impact on the business?

3. Testing, Testing, Testing

Learn how to set up a test for success. By success, I mean the following: understand what you are testing and how you measure the resultsĀ of the test. A failed test is a test where you can’t read the data and you learn literally nothing. A successful test is a test where you learn something. Sometimes you learn what you should not do, sometimes you learn what you should do more of.

4. UnderstandingĀ online behavior data to improve landing pages

Start with looking at how long the user stays on your site, how often they bounce, how many pages they visit. Use the data to improve your landing pages for your paid media campaigns. Learn about what users engage with on your page: Are they scrolling down? Are they engaging with a specific element, a video perhaps, on your page? Are they clicking-through on your call to action? Are they finding the information they are looking for?

5. Brand marketing will become performance marketing

Actually, in many places it already is. Brand Marketing has become much easier to measure thanks to new ways users consume ads nowadays. Brand Marketing has moved into the digital world: Think YouTube, Hulu, podcasts, social influencer marketing and many other streaming services. We are now consuming brand ads across a multitude of measurable platforms and as a paid media marketer, you need to learn about them.

Looking ahead

As a paid media or performance marketer, you need to constantly evolve and learn. A skill you learn today may not be needed in a year and new skills will become necessary. Keep up with latest trends and look for opportunities to test and learn always.