How does the Instagram Algorithm work?

In my latest article about how to create a winning Instagram profile I mentioned that you’ll only see about 30% of your friends’ Instagram posts. Wait… What? Yes, you miss about 70% of all posts. Instagram keeps their algorithm a mystery (just like their friends at Google, but that’s for another time).

Instagram explains their algorithm this way:

Posts are ordered based on factors like how recently the post was shared, your interactions with the person who shared it and whether you’ll find the post interesting. Posts you’re likely to care about most will appear higher in your feed.

Let’s unravel this.

How can you influence the Instagram Algorithm?

Recent Posts

Instagram will favor recent posts over older posts. Post often.

Personal Interactions

Instagram looks at how often you have interacted with posts of the person sharing a new post. The more interactions you have, the more likely it is that you see their posts.

This also includes profile searches. If you search certain profiles more often than others, you are more likely to see posts from these profiles.


Higher engagement equals better ranking or visibility. “Engagement” means: likes, shares, comments, video views, story views, live video views. therefore, the better your content, the more likely is high engagement.

If you spend more time looking at some Instagramers’ feeds or stories, Instagram will most likely favor similar posts and stories to show you.


In summary, engage with other Instagramers, get to know their stories and you’ll see similar content show up in your feeds in the future.

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  1. I currently don’t have an instagram account yet and I am still trying to break into this social media platform. Your tips will become handy once I have the time to explore. Thank you.

  2. Geez. That sounds like so much work! I just want to see my friends stuff and for followers to see mine! I guess when there are thousands there has to be some way to make order in the chaos though.

  3. The Instagram algorithm can be annoying at times. I miss the old way of chronological order because it gives a fair chance of people to see your post but it is what it is.

  4. I appreciate the tips. It’s so hard to keep up with all the technology and how the numbers are being monitored.

  5. I am never able to understand about Instagram’s algorithm. I see so many fellow bloggers getting frustrated over this.

  6. Instagram is still hard for me gaining and losing followers all the time and just need to be consistent which is hard at times. I guess I just need to learn the ins and outs of instagram thank you for this.

  7. I have been needing this information! Thank you! Instagram is something I’m still trying to figure out for growing my blog. Great information for me to refer back to!

  8. Nice simple explanation, thanks. IG algorithm has completely bugged me for ages, I just don’t get it. I’ll change a bit reading this.

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