Procrastination? Oh, I’ll deal with it later

procrastination-2A long weekend is ahead of us and all these ideas on what you could be doing with your time are floating through your head.

But you all know how it is: everything else seems more interesting than to get started on what you really want to do. And, yes, I say what you really want to do. You do want to go the gym, or clean out your closet, or call your parents, or read that book. But somehow you can’t get started.

Here is what works for me. Prioritize differently.

What makes you happy?
You know that happy feeling you get after a good workout? “I am glad I didn’t work out“, is not a phrase you here often after the workout. Put on your workout pants when you get up in the morning, it will make it easy to finally nip down to the gym.

Or the feeling of accomplishment you get after cleaning out your closet? The favorite skirt you found in the back that you haven’t seen forever? Just do it!

Think about how these projects or task make you feel afterwards. You know you will feel happy, accomplished, satisfied. Focus on this when you can’t get started.

What needs to get done?
Laundry? Taxes? “I love doing taxes“, said no one ever, right?

But hey, are you expecting a tax return? Wouldn’t it be great to get it earlier rather than later? Focus on the outcome and how it will make you feel.

How often do you prioritize work email or doing the dishes over reading a book or calling your parents or a good friend?

Think about it: you have a maintenance schedule for your car. Don’t you deserve one for yourself? Take “me”-time. Take an hour a day or a few hours each weekend and just focus on doing something for yourself that you have put off for a while: create the scrapbook from your last vacation, experiment with a new recipe, read that book that’s been sitting on your night stand forever.

Push away that feeling of all these other things that need to get done and take time out just doing something for yourself that will make you happy and feel relaxed.

procrastinationThere is something that all these have in common: focus on the outcome and how it makes you feel. If any of the tasks or projects you keep avoiding actually makes you happy in the end, why not get started now?

Do you want to feel great? Just do it! (to steal a well-known marketing slogan)


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