How to motivate people to treat you with respect?

We encounter people probably daily that don’t treat us with the respect we deserve.

It’s tough to be in a conversation and be insulted, interrupted and even verbally abused. How do you best respond to provocations?


Well, if you don’t like what’s being said, you need to change the conversation!

Go ahead and ask, “What do you mean?” Allow yourself to receive the real issue and respond to the underlying issue rather than the provocation. Embrace any accusation, don’t defend or deny them, switch the conversation to focus on finding a solution.

Instead of engaging in a verbal battle, elevate and change the conversation. Yes, be the bigger person.

Changing the conversation to focus on a solution allows for the situation and the other person to calm down and opens a path to move forward rather than get stuck in a power battle.

What do you do when you encounter verbally abusive people?

In rare occasions, if you encounter someone who is consistently abusing you or insulting you, use the word “you” in addressing them, such as, “You, keep that language to yourself.”, “You, that’s enough.”, “You, you are out of line.”

Don’t use an “I”-statement (“I don’t like being treated this way”, etc.). Bullies ignore “I”-statements.