How to be heard!

Have you ever been in a meeting where you brought forward an idea, but no one listened? Then 5 minutes later someone else brings up the same idea and everyone is suddenly excited about it? And no one remembered that you suggested the same only 5 minutes ago…

Sounds familiar?


Here is a sure tip that will turn around your visibility (and being-listened-to-ability) and be heard!

Be proactive!

Next time you come up with a great idea, bring it up! But then do the following:

  • Recommend actions!
  • Orchestrate a follow-up!

Don’t just offer an opinion, orchestrate a follow-up. Say, “I’ll do this, what can you contribute?”

This way your idea can’t be ignored, it has to be heard. And your idea remains YOUR idea!

Test it out and let me know how this worked for you!