Wise women say

What I learned from wise women at the Lead On Silicon Valley Conference for Women 2015.


Change happens when people take risks. ~ Marlene M. Williamson

You will always have challenges in your life. The challenges will change. The most important thing to remember when getting through these challenges is to stay true to who you are. ~ Diane von Fürstenberg

The good thing about aging is that you have a past. Don’t waste your time. Live in the moment so that you have a past. ~ Diane von Fürstenberg

Be curious. Keep an open mind. Try things out. ~Candy Chang

Courage is being surrounded by fear, but walking through it anyway. ~ unknown

The problem with staying small is that it comes with a side dish of pissed-off-ness and stand-offish-ness. ~ Brené Brown

If you don’t toot your own horn, don’t expect the band to show up. ~ Brené Brown

We have the power to shape the future we want. ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton