Learning to say ’no’

When I first moved to California, I filled my days with saying ‘yes’ to everything. I said ‘yes’ to taking on volunteering for a local charity. I wanted to fit in, make new friends. I said ‘yes’ to any work project that came my way. I wanted to show off my skills and become indispensable.... Continue Reading →

How to be heard!

Have you ever been in a meeting where you brought forward an idea, but no one listened? Then 5 minutes later someone else brings up the same idea and everyone is suddenly excited about it? And no one remembered that you suggested the same only 5 minutes ago… Sounds familiar? Here is a sure tip... Continue Reading →

Networking in 3 easy steps

So you are about to go to this conference or that networking event and you somehow expect that you should and mix and mingle? (you are right, by the way, you should mix and mingle) Your hands are sweaty and you can’t sleep for 3 nights? Well, take a deep breath! It’s not that hard. It’s... Continue Reading →

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